Tooling Design and Fabrication

Composite lamination, machining and assembly tooling is an esoteric art that requires the highest level of familiarity with both modern machining practice and knowledge of composites behavior. With extensive experience in composites fabrication, Canyon Composites has attained this ability and has demonstrated it on many difficult projects. Canyon has broad experience with the following aspects of composites tooling:

  • Trim and Drill Fixtures
  • CTE Compensated Tooling
  • Soft or Rigid Tooling
  • Weldaments, Assemblies, Fixtures
  • Composites
  • Metallics
  • Assembly Fixtures
  • Trim and Drill Fixtures
  • Most standard data files utilized: .iges, .dwg, .prt, .stp
  • Shop Software includes Mastercam, Inventor, Mechanical Desktop, and Autocad

Standardized Tooling and Piece Parts

The most complex aerospace structures are often an intricate amalgam of very simple parts. Composite structures epitomize this approach. In order to support our customers pressing delivery schedules, Canyon has fabricated an extensive collection of composite layup tooling. Canyon maintains thousands of shaped mandrels used to generate a host of the basic building blocks of composite structures. These shapes include but are not limited to:

  • Round Tubes
  • Square Tubes
  • Triangular Tubes
  • Hexagonal Tubes
  • Rectangular Tubes
  • Layup Mandrels
  • I Beams
  • Angle Clips (Various radii and angles)
  • C-Channels
  • Assembly Fixtures
  • Trim and Drill
  • Assembly Fixtures




Click here for to view Our Partial Angle Clip Mandrel List

Click here for to view Our Partial Tube Mandrel List