Missile Payload Adapter

Canyon Composites Inc. was selected to participate in a Phase Two developmental test model for a payload adapter that was to be used to allow commercial spacecraft payloads to be mated to military rocket motors. The abusive flight dynamics of the military boosters required an advanced and difficult to manufacture hardware configuration. Consisting of hundreds of custom metallic and composite pieceparts as well as high performance exotic materials, this project utilized many of Canyon’s key competencies.

Payload adapter team

Both laminate and metallic parts were fabricate and and machined using in-house facilities and equipment. Canyon is tailored to assemblages of this magnitude because our composite processing and machining capabilities are proficient and robust. Each piecepart was laminated or roughed into blanks, finish machined, post processed, and inspected. With a completely inspected kit of pieceparts, the assembly task was streamlined.

Payload Adapter

Precision tooling was machined at Canyon concurrently with part production to meet rigid schedule requirements. The tooling concept was cost competitive and effectively surpassed the required positional tolerances. A wide array of assembly techniques were employed in the assembly of this unit. These included faying bonds, injection bonds, fastener and helicoil installation, match drilling, and riveting.

Payload Adapter Ring Payload Adapter Ring
Payload Adapter
COMPANY ATA Engineering, Inc.

- Tool Design

- Prototype Fabrication, Machining, and Assembly

- Strict Shape Requirements