Metallics Machining

Metal Machining

Unlike most composites companies, Canyon has a high volume, precision metallic machining facility to support production and sub assemblies. Canyon can populate your composite structures rapidly, efficiently and with ultra high precision.

Full Production Machining Capability

  • Spacecraft Level Tolerances: +/- .0001, .003 True Position
  • Metallic Prototyping, R&D, and Production.
  • Model Based Definition using all major file types. (.iges, .stp, .acis, .prt, .dwg, .dxf)
  • Cleanliness, Contamination, and Environmental control in all machining areas.
  • Skilled machinists with experience in conventional and exotic materials.
  • Finishing and Post Processing capability.
  • NAS Fasteners and Inserts for Rapid Turn Around.
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