Facilities Overview

  • Canyon Composites has over 36,000 ft2 of manufacturing and assembly space.
  • Facilities are divided functionally to provide the optimal environments for different processes. Click here for a map of our campus.
  • Composite and Metallic Machining are separated for contamination control.
  • Each Clean Room is has separate environmental controls for material dependent control.
  • Material Storage and Handling is Aerospace Grade
  • Large 0F Storage Capacity
  • 16’ High Bay Ceilings
  • High Output Lighting
  • Industrial Power
  • Compressed Air Supply
  • Vacuum Supply
  • Filtered Air
  • Climate and Humidity Controlled at 700 F and 7% relative humidity.
  • Maintained and controlled to many spacecraft manufacturing clean area requirements.
  • “Indestructible” Sealed Flooring

back end structures